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Roberto Madrigal
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    Strength & Conditioning Coach


While Roberto Madrigal has been as assistant coach at Arizona Western for four seasons, he has been surrounded by volleyball all of his life. Madrigal was born and raised in Sonora, Mexico and has always been motivated by sports. In college, Roberto earned a place on the Baja California University men's team where he played for two years. He studied Physical Education and Sports while there, and he graduated with honors in 2013. After graduation, Roberto played left side hitter for his state in Sonora. While at Arizona Western, Madrigal has supervised the Lady Matador strength and conditioning program while helping coordinating the team's offense. In that time Madrigal has worked with All-American selections as well as a group of All-Conference choices to help develop and advance their skills. In addition to his duties as a coach, Madrigal runs Gameday Operations for the Matador Athletic Department.