Matador Sports Medicine

The Arizona Western College Sports Medicine staff consists of two licensed athletic trainers who are dedicated to the health and well-being of the student-athletes. The Athletic Training Department also facilitates an internship program designed to advance the profession and encourage Arizona Western College students to pursue careers in athletic training. The staff utilizes best practices that are supported by current evidence and follow guidelines of care that are detailed by the National Athletic Training Association and other governing bodies. The goal of the staff is to support student-athletes by managing/treating their athletic injuries and encouraging lifetime wellness as they embark on their journey towards athletic and academic success.

Athletic Trainers

Athlete Forms

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Program History

The Arizona Western College Sports Medicine department was established in 1979 when Charlie Dine (then-Athletic Director) hired the first certified athletic trainer the campus had ever seen – John Neulieb. Dine brought Neulieb on to help the student-athletes become better prepared and better conditioned and, therefore, better student-athletes. At that time, an athletic trainer's job was not limited to duties in the athletic training room. Neulieb, in addition to his job description, assisted with lining the athletic fields, announcing at home games, score-keeping at the basketball games, helping with concession sales, and even driving the Matador bus on road trips, truly making a mark on the Matador family.

After 22 years of being the only certified trainer, the department was able to expand and Neulieb was joined by Melissa Schlettert. Having two athletic trainers on staff allowed the department to improve and provide specialized care to the student-athletes. Neulieb and Schlettert, along with a faithful group of student interns, worked together to progress the Sports Medicine Department over the years. In 2006, the legendary Neulieb announced his retirement - capping an incredible 27-year career. Since then, the department has had many outstanding athletic trainers strive to continue what was started in 1979.

Previous Athletic Trainers

John Neulieb 1979 – 2006
Melissa Schlettert/Knabel 2001 –2008
Chris Murphy 2006 –2011
Megan Guthrie 2008 –2009
JoJo Elliott 2009 –2016
Zac Meyers 2011 –2012
Juan Lopez 2012 – 2014
Senecca Stromberg 2014 –2017
Steven Upham 2016 –2018
Luke Lemings 2018 – 2019
Allison Griffin 2017 – 2020
Chris Black 2020 – Present
Alyssa Vaniman 2020 – 2021

Vanessa Derner 2021– Present

Sports Medicine Internship Program

The Arizona Western College Sports Medicine Department offers a unique internship opportunity for full-time students interested in a career as an athletic trainer. Accepted applicants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience, provide athletic training services to our eight competitive athletic teams and receive guidance from our certified athletic trainers on transferring to an undergraduate/master’s athletic training education program.

While this is an incredible opportunity, applicants should know that our interns are held to high standards and maintain substantial time-commitments in the athletic training room. We encourage applicants to thoroughly read the internship handbook prior to starting their application. Only full-time students are eligible to apply. Completed application forms, letter of interest, two letters/forms of recommendation, signed handbook agreement and high school transcripts are required for all applicants. Upon review, applicants may be invited for an in-person interview with the Sports Medicine Staff – after which they will be informed of their status in the internship program.

Any student that is interested in being part of the Sports Medicine Internship Program is encouraged to submit an application.

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Visiting Teams

The Sports Medicine staff at Arizona Western College would like to welcome you to your upcoming competition against the Matadors!

Our athletic training room is located inside the GY Building - on the southern side of the building, facing the softball field. (See our Athletics Campus Map.) One of our certified athletic trainers will be present at all competitions. Per ACCAC guidelines, prior to (or at the start of) warm-up activities, the following will be available to your team: access to a treatment/taping area, water and cups, injury ice and ice bags, biohazard equipment, waste container, and emergency medical equipment (i.e. crutches, vacuum splints, and AED). If your team is an indoor sport, bench towels will be provided. Outdoor sports teams may request ice towels, if necessary. Emergency action plans will be accessible to visiting teams prior to start of competition (often located on the water coolers).

If your team is traveling without an athletic trainer, and your athletes require specific treatment, please contact our staff prior to your team's arrival. Visiting teams are responsible for sending their own supplies as well as treatment and modality scripts.

Below is some other useful information regarding local medical facilities in Yuma. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or special needs. We look forward to seeing you.

The AWC Sports Medicine Staff

Local Medical Facilities

Fry's Pharmacy (Foothills Location)
11203 E South Frontage
(928) 342-1332
Yuma Regional Medical Center (~10 miles from campus)
2400 S Avenue A
(928) 344-2000
Prime Care (Urgent Care) - Foothills Location (~8 miles from campus)
111279 S. Glenwood Ave.
(928) 341-4573
Focused Imaging (Radiology)
2270 Ridgeview Dr. #127
(928) 317-0470
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