Jim Amick 8117
Jim Amick
  • Sport:
    Men's Basketball
  • Title / Role:
    Coach Emeritus


Want to know where a legend resides? Just check the end of the Matadors’ bench during games. That’s been the lasting image of Jim Amick over the past 20 years after Kelly Green convinced Amick to stay on as an assistant after Amick stepped down for the final time as head coach in 1997. But the primary image of Amick for longtime Matador Basketball fans is the incredible success he brought to the program during his main head coaching stint from 1978 through 1990. Under Amick, the Matadors became one of the most dominant junior college teams of the 1980’s, with a trio of conference titles and a pair of NJCAA Tournament berths. In fact, Amick’s teams never won less than 18 games in any of those 12 seasons. But for those that have really paid attention throughout Amick’s association with Matador Athletics, they realize what a longtime contribution Amick has made to the program as a whole for over 30 years. After stepping down in 1990, Amick provided guidance to Dave Babcock as he led the Matadors to four straight Region I Playoff berths, and then took over in a pinch when Babcock received an offer to move up to the NBA right before the Matadors’ 1996-97 season. Amick’s final overall head coaching record was an amazing 292-91 mark. Both Green and Charles Harral have been fully aware what valuable influence and wealth of knowledge Amick has provided over the last 20 seasons in helping lead the Matadors to five Region I Championships, four NJCAA Tournament appearances and 20 consecutive Region I Playoff berths.