Incoming Students

Welcome to Arizona Western College and Matador Athletics! For all student-athletes coming to AWC, please complete the corresponding checklist and send all required transcripts to the program that you are participating in, addressing the information to the head coach.

If you haven't been accepted to the Athletics program yet, get started by filling out the Athletics Recruiting Questionnaire.

Then follow these steps:

  • Domestic
  • International


1. Financial Aid Application.

Visit Financial Aid to start the application process.

2. Application for Admission.

  To complete a school application, CLICK HERE. For questions regarding applying at AWC, call Enrollment Services at 928-317-6100.

Once you have received your AWC Student ID number, you must activate your AWC Student Account.  CLICK HERE to get started.

3. Housing Application.

You MUST activate your AWC student accounts in order to fill out the housing application. You must use your AWC email account TORO-EMAIL.

Complete ONLINE housing application CLICK HERE. Steps “A” and “B” must be completed.  For answers to some frequently asked questions, CLICK HERE. For a virtual tour of a residence hall, CLICK HERE. If you still have remaining questions, call the On-Campus Housing Office at (928) 344-7578.
a.  A $100 Dollar deposit is required of all students before they can enter the Residence Halls, and must be sent along with your housing application or call the Cashier Cashier at (928) 344-7700 and then press 1 (to use a credit card over the phone).
b.  Fax or Email Copies of your immunization records to (928) 317-5888 or (MMR1 & MMR2) Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

4. Placement Test.

 All freshmen must take a placement test in Math, English and Reading before they can be enrolled. You can come to Arizona Western College to take this test, or take the test at your local community/junior college.  Results must be sent to Arizona Western College. Our testing center is open from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm. Monday through Thursday and a picture ID to test.
a. At AWC: You must be accepted as an AWC student, and must present a picture ID.
b. At your local community college: You may test at another Community/Junior College-but make sure that the test is ACCUPLACER.  Take the test at a Community/Junior College that you could attend during the summer or winter breaks or take classes from online. Fax your results to the AWC Testing Center at (928) 344-7712 and for questions call (928) 344-7641.
c. Off-Camps Testing: Request for distance testing CLICK HERE.

d.  ACT/SAT Scores:  You must have the minimum following scores for AWC for the scores to be accepted:
ACT English:  20; ACT Math:  22
SAT Critical Reading:  500; SAT Math:  520
If you do not have the minimum scores, you MUST take the placement test listed above.

(WORD OF ADVICE:  Take your time on the test, do your best, and remember that you are allowed breaks. The test is not timed.  Those that fare well on the test may avoid having to enroll in developmental classes at AWC.)

5. Registration for classes:

After you have faxed or taken your placement tests, call on or after May 1st to register for Fall Classes.
Call on or after December 1st to register for Spring Classes.
You will speak to Coach Admir Balicevac at (928) 314-7681 to set up your class schedule.
For registration resources and to learn how to use Self-Service to be able to register online

  • Video Introduction to Self-Service Student Planning: CLICK HERE
  • Video Self-Service Student Planning-Plan Your Courses: CLICK HERE
  • Video Self-Service Student Planning-Registering for Classes: CLICK HERE

6. Business Office (to set up payment plan).

  To make payments or set up payment plan, or if you have any other questions regarding payment, call (928) 344-7700 and press '1'.  To set up payment plan online, CLICK HERE. You must set up a Self-Service account to set up your payment plan.

7. Transcripts.

  You must send an official copy of your high school/college transcript to the address below and address it to the team (i.e. Women’s Basketball) and head coach (i.e. Patrick Cunningham) that you will be playing for.
a. High School Students:  an official copy of your high school transcript (with a graduation date posted) must be received by AWC. Make arrangements with a school official to mail an official transcript with your date of GRADUATION the day after you officially graduate from high school.
b. Transfer Students:  all incoming students will be checked against national database. We will need an official transcript from each college you have attended.

8. Physical Examination and Waivers.

  You must get a physical examination before reporting to practices in spring or fall. Physical must be up-dated every year. You must complete all signature pages on the AWC physical and provide a copy of your insurance card if insured to participate. CLICK HERE for the AWC Sports Medicine Page and download the physical exam form under Athlete Forms.

Send all paperwork to:
AWC [Your Sport]
Attn: [Your Coach], Head Coach
2020 S. Avenue 8E
Yuma, AZ 85365


AWC Volleyball
Attn: Lorayne Chandler, Head Coach
2020 S. Avenue 8E
Yuma, AZ 85365


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